About us

BIA Business Intelligence Accelerator is an innovative software developement company, based in Softwarepark Hagenberg / Austria. Our field of work is the development and fast implementation of BI-solutions based on Microsoft technology.

BIA Business Intelligence Accelerator® is a Visual Studio Add-In, which generates custom-defined SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)-packs. BIA can be used where ever data needs to be extracted, loaded or transformed. Through the SSIS-generator the user is gaining maximum quality compared to manually generated SSIS-packs. Time consuming generation and servicing of SSIS-packs is not necessary, this is reducing time and cost, not only in the development, but also in running the system. All integrated reports are a complete documentation of this solution and are always up to date.

Owner: Markus Krenn

Markus Krenn, CEO of BIA Business Intelligence Accelerator GmbH, is having years of experience in BI-consulting on an international level. Main fields of work are BI-projects, which are based on Microsoft BI technology. BIA Business Intelligence Accelerator was founded in 2010 and is located in the Softwarepark Hagenberg / Austria. The company is working on the development and standardized implementation of Business Intelligence solutions.

Our philosophy is „BI-solutions instead of BI-projects“.

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